Cheap HD Web Cameras

A reasonable quality HD web camera doesn't have to cost an arm or a leg. You might be pleasantly surprised at the quality of image that you can get from a bargain priced, cheap High-Definition web camera. Here's three of our top recommendations for a very affordable video capture and conferencing solution that's UVC compatible and works with any modern MacBook laptop, Macintosh desktop, Windows PC or Linux system - at a bargain price.

Cheapest Windows and Apple Compatible HD Web Cameras

Enjoy the flexibility of having external Hi-Def web camera that gets the job done at a reasonable price. Here in the cheap HD webcam bargain bin, you won't get precision optical quality glass lenses or a studio grade audio microphone. But you might get autofocus features or at least a noise canceling microphone in the $20-$25 price range. These three deliver a great 720p image at an affordable price, and at a resolution that most computers can deliver acceptable frame rates. Most junky $10 web cameras imported from China that I've tried have been a dissapointment. Several died within a few weeks of use, or the mounting clip broke, or the internal microphone didn't work at all or the image was grainy... There's an old saying; "You get what you pay for", but any of these three exceptional cams recommended below will get the job done at a fair price and connect you to family, friends or business partners.

Best Cheap HD Web Cams

Cheap RocketFish HD CamCheap Logitech HD CamCheap Creative HD Cam
HD Autofocus Web Camera

Noise Cancelling Mic
Best Logitech Cheap Web Camera

HD UVC Camera
Cheap Creative Web Camera

720p HD w/Microphone

Choosing A Cheap Hi-Def Web Camera

Here's some things to ponder when shopping for a low-cost web camera:
  • Is it driver-free UVC Compliant
  • Is the camera mounting clip versatile?
  • Is it fixed, manual, or autofocus?
  • Does it have good light sensitivity?
  • Is the image sharp and clear?
  • Does it have an internal microphone?
  • Does the internal microphone sound good?
  • What are the shipping costs?
  • Does the camera have a warranty?
  • If I'm dissapointed, is it worth returning?

The last point is important when considering a low-cost hi-defintion camera purchase. I've tested and tried a few $8-$15 really cheap web cameras that were dissapointing. And the prospect of returning them just wasn't worth the time, energy and expense involved. If you stray from the major webcam manufacturers and big brand names like Logitech, RocketFish, Creative Labs, HP, Microsoft, and GearHead understand the risk that cutting corners might imply if you're unhappy with your HD camera's video or audio quality.

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