Best 720p HD Webcam? Review These Recommendations

720 HD Web Cameras For Windows, Mac, Linux

In many ways a 720p camera is an optimal webcam choice for those with modest CPU speeds. Full 1080p HD is VERY demanding of computer resources, so the average consumer may find a 720 camera will provide a sharp, detailed image at good frame rates - without over-taxing thier computer. With Dual and even Quad-Core processors well above 2Ghz in many modern Intel based computer these days, the horspower needed to handle smooth, high-quality HD web camera video chat and video capture at high frame rates has arrived. Compatible Hi-Def web cameras supporting 2MP and higher resolution sensors really require 2Ghz+ processors for smooth frame-rates at such a high resolution. FAST COMPUTER REQUIRED.

USB 2.0 720p HD Web Cameras

For some, especially those with slightly older, slower computers, 720p resolution camera can deliver clear, sharp HD video at decent frame-rates without the excessive bandwidth and CPU demands of trying to handle all-out full 1080p video.
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Technically, any 2MP or higher web camera is 'HD' and it's sensor can support a minimum 720 lines of resolution or more. But the reality is the emerging line of web cameras with TRUE Widescreen 16:9 aspect ratios, and true 720p (and 1080p) HD resolution need to be suppported by a wide range of applications to take advantage of it. Remember HD video capture and conferencing is really a function of both hardware AND software AND network bandwidth. Make sure you're running the most recent version of your capture or chat app to insure it handles high-definition frame sizes and aspect ratios properly.

HD Web Cam Video Capture vs True HD Video Chat

Capturing Hi-Def video from a HD web camera is easily doable - and great for movie making and DVD projects, very high quality YouTube and other video site uploads. But keep in mind true, 30FPS HD videoconferencing using a Hi-Def web cam is NOT a realistic expectation for many home users. HD broadcasting and reception of full 720p or higher HD video requires very high-rate internet bandwidth connecitons, ideally at both ends. It also requires that videoconferencing apps that are written and optimized for HD. Many older capture and chat apps are limited to 640x480 VGA or even 320x240 resolution to keep the data rate manageable during a videochat session.

HD Web Camera Video-Conferencing with Skype

With select 720p and 1080p Logitech HD web camera models (like the Mac Vision Pro, C910, C920, C930e and BCC950) Skype for Mac or Windows can detect these hi-quality Logitech web cameras and allow at the very least "HQ" improved video connections between Apple and PC users. If an when internet bandwidth and CPU horespower is available, Skype HD will attempt to dynamically scale up video quality to true 720p high-def mode when possible.