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1080 HD Web Cameras For Windows, Mac, Linux

With Dual and even Quad-Core processors well above 2Ghz in modern Intel based computer these days, the horspower needed to handle smooth, high-quality HD web camera video chat and video capture at high frame rates has arrived. Linux, Mac OSX and Windows Compatible HD web cameras supporting 3MP and high 1080p resolution sensors ideally require 2Ghz+ processors for smooth frame-rates at such a high rez. FAST COMPUTER REQUIRED for acceptable frame rates.

Technically, any 3MP or higher web camera is 'FULL HD' and it's sensor can support a minimum 1080p lines of resolution or more. But the reality is the emerging line of web cameras with TRUE Widescreen 16:9 aspect ratios, and full-screen 1080p high-definition resolution need to be suppported by a wide range of applications to take advantage of it. You also need a FAST computer well above 2Ghz to handle such large video frames well. HD is really a function of both hardware AND software AND network bandwidth. Sadly, not all web camera chat and video capture programs have been updated to support full 1080 hi-def capture. However, revised software will give you the most versatility in choosing the various resolutions the camera is capable of.

HD 1080p Web Cameras For Fast Intel Computers

For razor-sharp, state-of-the-art conferencing, these premium HD cameras from Logitech or Creative Labs offer the best images and sound you'll ever experience in a computer web camera. All three of these cameras feature H.264 video compression to provide lower CPU utilization, lower disk space requirements for video capture, and lower bandwidth demands when video conferencing over the internet.
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HD Web Cam Video Capture vs True HD Video Chat

Capturing Hi-Def video from a HD web camera is easily doable - and ideal for movies and DVD projects, and high quality Vimeo, YouTube or other video site uploads. But true HD videoconferencing live using a Hi-Definition web cam is NOT a realistic expectation for many home users. High-definition broadcasting and reception of full 1080p or 720p HD video requires extremely high-speed internet bandwidth connections - ideally at both ends of the conference. It also requires modern videoconferencing apps that are capable of and written explicitly for the widescreen HD aspect ratios and increased resolution. Many webcam chat apps are limited to SD Standard-Definiion 640x480 VGA or even smaller 320x240 resolution to keep the amount of transmitted data manageable and deliver acceptable frame-rates. Cameras with built-in H.264 hardware video compression can efficiently compress the video stream to reduce computer CPU overhead and transmission bandwidth thanks to it's highly efficient losssy but pristine compression.

HD Web Camera Video-Conferencing with Skype

With select Logitech HD web camera models (like the Mac Vision Pro, C910, C920, C930e and BCC950) - Skype for Mac or Windows can detect these hi-quality Logitech web cameras and allow at the very least "HQ" High-Quality improved video connections between Apple and PC users. If an when internet bandwidth and CPU horespower is available, Skype HD will attempt to dynamically scale up video quality to true 720p high defintion resolution when possible.