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Shopping for the best video conference camera for Mac, Windows or Linux? These featured conferencing cams are a great choice for any budget. For less than the cost of business-class roundtrip airfare to attend a meeting in person, you could have a remote conferencing solution that delivers a first-class online meeting experience that quickly pays for itself. Here we feature a range of Logitech's Skype compatible and cross-platform computer friendly HD conferencing solutions with features that will impress you.

720p and 1080p USB Video Conference Cameras

For businesses large or small, these state-of-the-art conferencing cameras from Logitech offer the some of the best image quality, features and sound capabilities you'll experience in a voice and video internet conferencing camera.
Premium 1080p Conference CamMidrange 1080p Conference CamSmall Biz 1080p Conference Cam
Group HD Conference Cam / SpeakerPhone

Pan, Tilt & Zoom w/Remote
Group Conference Webcam For Mac

Pan and Zoom Remote
Premium HD Camera

HQ HD Wide-Angle 90d Lens

Good, Better, Best HD Videoconference Products

Above, we highlight a range of Skype compatible online conferencing products for any budget, starting (from right to left} with the very affordable premium Logitech C930e business-class HD webcam. Offering 720 or 1080p high-def resolutions, it features a WIDE-ANGLE 90 DEGREE Field Of View - slightly wider than most cameras. This wider-angle is helpful when you want to conference with 2 or 3 people in the video fram. It has an optical-quality Carl Ziess glass lens for razor-sharp images. It also offers H.264 video compression in hardware to reduce CPU utilization, make more efficient use of available internet bandwith and deliver optimal conferencing frame-rates when possible. A standard tripod mounting hole allows for secure and stable tripod mounting. It also features high-quality, dual stereo microphones for exceptional voice capture.

Suprisingly affordable, the BCC950 Logitech HD Conference Camera is a great solution for sole proprieters and small businesses. Featuring motorized pan, tilt and zoom completely in hardware, it offers great camera control during a videoconference using either the remote control - or control buttons on the base. The camera itself has a 78 degree Field Of View, and the camera head can pan 180 degrees. The base also includes a high-quality noise-cancelling speakerphone for clear speech and audio during the session. It's 720p high-def camera sensor also includes a Carl Ziess glass lens for razor-sharp clarity. Another thoughful touch is an extra long USB cable to allow more flexibility of camera placement optimal for your video conference session.

The Logitech CC3000e is a premium HD conference cam with speakerphone, is a complete online collaboration solution that can easily pay for itself conducting video meetings across town or across the globe. The motorized pan/tilt/zoom HD camera moduly offers 1080p resolution delivering up to a smooth 30 frames per second. autofocus with manual losless zoom up to 10x, premium Zeiss glass optical quality lens, and UVC webcam compatibility and hardware H.264 encoding technology to free-up your Mac or PC bandwidth by putting video processing and compression within the camera itself. An omnidirectional, full-duplex, noise cancelling microphone array built into the speakerphone and camera control base offers clear audio across the room for all participants. THe more I learn about the functions and features of this conference system, the more I'm amazed at the complete videoconferencing abilities they're delivering for the money. At under $1000 street price, it's a complete, professional video meeting solution offering unprecedented functionality and value.

HD Web Cam Conferencing Solutions

All these Logitech conference cameras are compatible with Skype for Mac or Windows which can detect these high-quality Logitech web camera models and allow optimal quality video connections. When sufficient internet bandwidth and CPU horespower is available, SkypeHD can dynamically scale-up the video quality and resolution when possible to provide the best videoconference session possible.

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